Art teachers often have to prepare for more grades levels as a result of elective courses. Sometimes teaching at multiple buildings or schools! We don’t always have the time we need to lesson plan, grade, hang art, call parents, and do all other teacher duties on top of our personal lives!

Most resources for assistance and academic improvement is geared towards core subjects. Visual Arts programs have been cut drastically, forcing teachers to work with less. Electives in general are not given the same support as their core counterparts despite having to share professional development time, or benefit from team planning (depending on the district).

EDUKASYON is dedicated to sharing lesson plans and resources. Art Education is all encompassing and can be easily integrated with other disciplines. Creative and critical thinking move and inspire innovation. Culture, history, and human development are essential parts of a child’s educational experience that we want to engage in our art lessons. Use these lessons as is, or use them to inspire new ideas for your own.

Oh, and In case you were wondering about the spelling, Edukasyon is Tagalog (main Filipino dialect) for Education.