View this post on Instagram When you don't have #rulers or #straightedges for #teaching #perspective #drawings you can use strips of #foamcore as long as you cut them carefully! #middleschoolers were shown different perspective drawings which they get to choose one for their next project. We practiced 2 point perspective drawings on the board as … More Resourcefulness!

Drawing Still Lifes

Today’s lesson was on drawing a still life. 5th – 8th grade worked on gesture drawings to warm up, and engage their senses. 15 – 20 min were given to draw their first still life. Not but right? The class period prior¬†prepared them by practicing line types, ellipses, and proportion. View this post on Instagram … More Drawing Still Lifes


Incorporate cultural art pieces whenever you can. I was able to attend the Kultura Festival in Chicago this year to try the food, attend demonstrations and talks. Going to festivals, art shows, and various events refresh the brain. I feel I have more ideas to share with students, along with continuing my personal and professional … More Culture

3D Hands – Lines

Here’s a fun way to introduce lines to your students. I’ve found kids up to 7th grade love making these Optical Illusion Hands. Simple and looks fantastic. A good art making,¬†confidence booster. For your older students, you can add a little more challenge by shading and really making their hands 3D!