Incorporate cultural art pieces whenever you can. I was able to attend the Kultura Festival in Chicago this year to try the food, attend demonstrations and talks. Going to festivals, art shows, and various events refresh the brain. I feel I have more ideas to share with students, along with continuing my personal and professional growth.

Image: Baybayin (Pre-colonial Filipino script)

It’s important to share accurate and meaningful information back to your kids. Without proper respect and care, there’s the danger of cultural appropriation, misunderstanding the culture or purpose, and hurting a student that has connections. Lucky for us, technology and social media are ripe with resources. Record the artist lecture, share images, link to reputable websites, even ask the artist to visit class! If you don’t incorporate what you find or learn in your lessons, then just share your experience! Let your kids know that learning happens outside of the classroom and that you are also engaged in the process as well.

Sharing cultural pieces outside of Euro-centric history develops a broader and more accurate portrayal of the world, and representation of U.S. diversity. Your children of color need to see reflections of themselves and have representation to those unlike them. Non-children of color need deeper understanding of their own history, and see how the world is made up of many different people and things. Showing different cultural pieces bridges and connects different backgrounds together. They can be used as stepping stones to modern concepts or objects.

Remember, as a teacher you are also a life long student. Continue to learn and share!  Stay exited.

If you’d like to learn more about Baybayin, check out these links below:

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